Ah yes the classic duo

Ah yes the classic duo


"Yes." ".....Yes."


Books: "Best bros" Games: "Best bros" Show: "Geralt doesnt think of Jaskier as his friend." What a bunch of hogwash. How can a showrunner read the books and then say that.


Every time I start to think, "Maybe the show isn't all that bad and I should give it a try," this is one of the main things I think of to remind me it's not worth watching.


yeah, you wouldnt believe how much they could butcher the short stories or characters.. it's honestly quite impressive.. you really have to try.. like.. actually try to do it on purpose and yet.. they did it by coincidence. Even whole lore is changed.. and there are also such heavy changes with which they dont even stick throughout.. just made it for some story elements, but left for ohers.. it is all so messy.. And to add to Geralt and Jaskier, not only they didnt give Jaskier his iconic hat.. they literally, I kid you not, turned them into Shrek and Donkey.. they even talk of onion, like in Shrek 1, lmao. It's so sad..


I've always felt like the very act of calling Dandelion Jaskier is a good example how fundamentally they misunderstand the characters. The books and games translate Jaskier's name in order to convey to English speaking audiences that his name is a common noun, and thus a stage name. This, of course, is completely lost on people who've only watched the show. Unless you happen to know Polish, it just sounds like another 'exotic fantasy world' name.


They even make Jaskier introduce himself with his real name at one point in the show, instead of Jaskier. They really messed up, and made it into a "joke" that he has "a long name". They've misunderstood every single story in there. Can you imagine making Lesser Evil and cut Tridam Ultimatum out?


Book Geralt says yes without any hesitation.


One of the things that bugged me about the show. They have an awesome bro-mance in the books.


Perhaps the lords encountered... rare *subspecies* of manticore.


Geralt and dandelion’s relationship in the show is completely one sided. In the show Dandelion is simply gum that Geralt stepped on and can’t scrape off his shoe. In the books, they deeply care for each other. Lauren (the showrunner) has a fundamental misunderstanding of their relationship, as evidenced by this interview: > Lauren: Jaskier thinks Geralt is his best friend. In the world. Geralt doesn’t necessarily feel the same way about Jaskier. > *The other interviewee subtly tries to correct her on their relationship* > Tomek: He doesn’t necessarily say this about Jaskier, but I think he feels it inside. > Lauren: *smiles awkwardly* You think he feels it inside?… For context, the guy being interviewed with her was Tomek Baginski. He was the one who shopped Witcher around for years to different studios before Netflix bit. Allegedly, he was to have a more central role, but started getting elbowed out as he tried getting more involved with the process. Ironic that the guy who is polish, got lucky enough to have what is considered a national treasure in Poland, greenlit by one of the largest streaming services in the world only to be pushed out of it. At least he got executive producer credit. Although after that I would find it very hard to want to work with American studios again, but I digress. People like a shrek and donkey relationship I guess and since movies and tv shows shape public perception about characters and their universes, this relationship will become the “true” version of their relationship


I think she has a fundamental misunderstanding of Geralt, period.


*of the books


Well, yes. I get that the show characters are only based on the book characters, but it seems to me that a Geralt (and Dandelion/Jaskier) closer to the ones in the books was possible and preferable. Yennefer is a character that needed something extra than what the early books give her, and I think the show does a really good job with her, but it wasn’t necessary everywhere.


show characters are supposedly based on the book characters, but the reality is that they changed every single one of them. Yennefer, well.. more backstory is fine. But the way they did it is not good and just makes people see and look at Yennefer in an entirely different light. Another not good choice to start with her backstory, instead of her, and then slowly give us snippets of her background.


But they are friends. I think they even >!share a bed!< in Season of Storms at some point. True homies


I think it was Sword of Destiny(A Little Sacrifice) but I'm not sure


Iam reading season of storm right now and I strongly disagree with you


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Hello, book elitists. We meet again


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