What would you like for an hypothetical sequel?

What would you like for an hypothetical sequel?


I just want one single epilogue episode. 20 min. Same as usual. Let us see everyone a year or three after the war. Give us a little Catradora softness. Show us Scorfuma, Entraptadak, Glimbow, Seamista, and Kylonnjelio. Build out the future of the setting a little. Call it a wrap.


And more stuff between Catra and Scorpia! They deserved more of a sendoff than they got.




The one single thing that she ra didn’t have that it should have had was enough falling action it was wrapped up too quickly


If I'm being honest I'd like both


What about instead,mini series that could be in comics or short mini animated series like what adventure time is doing now,where a series can be about a certain storyline, such as for example,Catra trying to find the magicat people and her family,or Bow’s parents archiving the history before the first ones,or Glimmer’s life as the queen after the war,there’s a lot of interesting ideas to explore here


I like Finn, but I think it would be rushing into it to make a sequel with them already. We need some filler and build up first.


Is Finn canon?


Technically no, Finn is just Noelle's interpretation of what Catra and Adora's baby would look like, and has not been confirmed as canon but the fans treat them as such. Really, it depends on your own definition of canon. If you define canon as "appearing within the source material," Finn is not canon. If you define canon as "anything created by the creator of the source material that fits into the universe and does not conflict with said sorce material," then Finn is canon.


BOTH!!! Continue with them rebuilding the world and reuniting the various war-torn kingdoms (there are always conflicts during Reconstruction and limited resources). Then time jump to 13-15 years later when their kids are all in their late teens similar to the first generation. Show how the world has evolved, and the romances between the 2nd generation


Give me a spin-off with just the lab partners


I just want a he man reboot set in the same universe. And it could answer questions from shera, like where did adora come from? Who are her family? I mean eternia is canon in shera as it’s used as a password and is probably where the first ones come from.