do you think monica rambeau will lead the avengers just like her comics counterpart?

do you think monica rambeau will lead the avengers just like her comics counterpart?


Maybe down the road. She's kind of green compared to other Avengers veterans that are still around for now. Thor, Sam-Cap, Carol, or my personal choice, Rhodey


I never thought of Rhodey leading the avengers but I'd love to see it. He's got experience leading but you can tell he feels out classed by most of the avengers, like in the party scene in Ultron. It'd be a really cool character arc to watch him learn how to lead the new group


He's been there from the beginning even if he wasn't one of the original 6 and he was there when no one else was. When Stark and Spidey were off planet and the rest of the team was off the grid, he was standing by. When everyone either retired their membership or headed to space after the Blip but him and Nat,he was I the field doing the work. He deserves it.


You're getting me hyped for something that's probably never going to happen but you've made me realize how much I liked Rhodey. He was always there for Stark and I really think he deserves the spotlight


I'd prefer her lead a cosmic avengers-like squad like The Ultimates.


It’s possible, but I doubt it. I feel like they’ve already set up who there leader of the avenger is gonna be for atleast the next phase or 2.


seeing how they're setting up Captain America, probably not


I couldn’t stand her character in WandaVision so I hope not


they’ll never understand what you sacrificed


I’d like to see it, similar character to Rogers


This is one of those ideas that maybe works better in the comics than the movies. Maybe it could work way down the line but they’d have a lot of work to do to earn that one Honestly now that Steve and Tony are gone I’m not sure which characters I’d be excited to see lead that particular team. I guess Sam would be the best choice now?