You're not a true incubus fan if...

You're not a true incubus fan if...


Come on bro


If you know where you parked your car... If you didn't burst into flames... If you didn't make yourself... If you're not agoraphobic, and wont step outside to feel the warmth when it comes... If your world isn't stark raving sick or sad... If your love isn't a verb...


If you let life pass you by. If you let them make you. If the wind doesn’t blow you in the right direction.


Damn. If you don’t make yourself


If you aren't into floating down rivers and reveling in the view. If you aren't into spending the night in space watching the earth come up. If you aren't in.


If you aren’t 23 for another hour, give or take. If you’re not tomorrow’s food. If you can’t resist, unlearn, defy. If you didn’t wake up on the on the wrong of the bed today (and a little bit less than nothing went your way) 😆


If you can't remember feeling the opposite of falling. If you don't want to see beyond the obvious. If you haven't witnessed the vultures feed. If you don't want to push the button.


If you’re not a bottle of fizzy water 💦 If you’re not one big walking chemical reaction 🧪 If you’re “not not” dead yet ☠️ ...


If you can't hold the wheel and drive If you didn't experience the warmth before you grow old If you don't come alone on November 11


I hate it when people do these. Cringe


If you aren’t a stranger to love If you know the rules If you Never gonna give you up If you never got Rickrolled


If you don’t make yourself. Done