Give Brandon a break

Give Brandon a break


Heard that! Happy to see the band evolve and couldn’t agree more.


I'm not a professional singer by any means, but I love to sing, and I've been in a few small casual bands singing covers. I like to "do the voice" of the original singer, not sing in my own voice, and I'm usually pretty good at it. But Brandon's voice always kills me. Love the songs, but I can't sing more than a handful in his voice or I'll just lose my voice and then I can't sing *anything* anymore. So I wouldn't be surprised if all of those years of singing all those songs has had some repercussions.


I have this same exact issue! Been playing/singing in a cover band for a while and singing like Brandon has always ruined me. (Have 2 years of classical vocal training) his technique is defiantly straining. Honestly I think an extended period of vocal rest is what he needs because INNW and TF had some of his best performances. The HQ shows were flawless. I blame the engineer of 8!


Brandon’s voice has aged, but so have we. It’s quite endearing to continue aging with the band we grew up with.


A thousand percent agreed. Evolution is a good thing


Incubus, Pearl Jam, Lenny Kravitz, Staind, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Creed, Puddle of Mudd, Linkin Park, Common, and so many more are a time capsule of my perfect 90's childhood. The 90's and early aughts were truly a golden era


I find it very brave how he goes for it, even when it's obvious his voice is not in the best condition. It's impressive how, during tours, he chose to handle songs like Megalomaniac, Kiss to Send us Off, and Anna Molly


Totally agree except with that recording 8 “killed him.” Just because Brandon said the producer worked him hard doesn’t mean it did long-term damage to his voice. His voice had been declining for years before that, and I think it was more the years and years of constant touring. Singing his heart out night after night. Not a few days in the studio.


He still sounds better live than most performers.


Their evolution as a band has been beautiful. First really noticed the change on INNW and was down for it


Everybody changes as they get older, and singers are no exception. I will always love Incubus and enjoy the sound of Brandon's voice. He is so talented.


Totally agree. By the way I’ve seen them live last time in 2018 and Boyd sounded amazing. Last EP has vocals hard to perform and it sounds amazing as well. And the agoraphobia version they released last year was killer. Not to mention the wild world cover. My favourite band. They will always be. I know I’d be a different man without their musuc


When I saw them for the Make Yourself tour, he sounded great to me.


I actually think Brandon sounds 10x better now than he did a few years ago. He sounded great on American Idol.


I think my issues lie more with the band and not Brandon. I don't think they music is good anymore. The songs are boring.


Well don't listen to them anymore. Their songs have always been different for each new album they release. They've evolved as individuals and as a group and they want to share that with us.


Trust me I don't. I'm not condemning them. I'm just saying that no one would be bitching about Brandon's voice if the songs were still good.


Do you follow this subreddit just to troll then? Bands that make the same sound and don't evolve don't last long. Think you are in the minority here.


I'm not trolling. I am sharing an opinion. I follow this sub to discuss their past legendary works. They are clearly only serving because of the band that they were and not who they are now. The only reason people go to their shows is to see the old work. If I was in the minority than they would still be charting songs and and selling records. but they aren't.


I just... where are you getting this information from that people only go to their for their shows for old stuff?? Or that they aren’t selling records? The entirety of music has changed from 2003 no rock act will ever be as popular as they were then so not charting now is not relevant. They were never a chart topper and it’s pathetic that you use that as a measure of good music. I’m proud to have evolved with this band and their newer music is absolutely brilliant I just can’t wrap my head around someone who likes an album like morning view and not like INNW. I’d that’s you idk what the fuck you are looking for but you aren’t going to find it.


It's pathetic that you're so butt hurt about this.


Make out party made me want to puke. That said, still like the band and am enjoying some newer stuff while the early albums are untouchable gems


I'm happy they are happy. But it sucks when there's not even 1 good song on their new releases.


Some are kinda catchy, takes a bit though. Mike having major carpal tunnel surgery seems to have messed with their sound more than anything. It’s okay to not like the direction they have gone, to me it’s kinda sad. Doesn’t change the way I feel about the band. I mean we are still following their flipping reddit