Sister passed away. Incubus was her favorite band

Sister passed away. Incubus was her favorite band


So sorry for your loss. It's beautiful that you shared this together and that you're looking to honour her in this way. I have always appreciated the calm spirituality of Aqueous Transmission, particularly the lines: "Maybe we could meet again further down the river / And share what we both discovered, then revel in the view". I love that it can be emblematic of two paths or journeys diverging to someday be reunited. There's a peace in that which may resonate with you. Wishing you peace through this process.


Sorry for your loss!


I'm so sorry for your loss. My mother passed away 10 years ago this month. Three months later, INNW? got released. That whole record was very cathartic for me, particularly the title track. First time I heard/read the lyrics I immediately felt like she was communicating with me through them, so it got to be a very spiritual and very personal song to me. Hope it helps you out!


Thank you so much for sharing. Agreed that is a beautiful way to celebrate her life. The first lyric that came to me (and was also my high school graduation quote) is “The world’s a roller coaster, and I am not strapped in, maybe I should hold with care but my hands are busy in the air” from Wish You Were Here. I think it’s a great message about celebrating life in general. Hope that helps!


“I know I'll see you again Whether far or soon But I need you to know That I care and I miss you“


OP I am so sorry for your loss, I cannot imagine what you're going through. I couldn't think of a better one than this here above.


You were an exception to the rule. A bonafide rarity. Southern girl. Sorry for your loss.


I am so sorry for your loss. My mom and I are extremely close and she’s the one who introduced me to Incubus at a young age. Incubus is our favorite band and over the years we’ve been to countless concerts and even met the guys. It’s so special that your first concert experience was with your sister and Incubus. I can only imagine how insanely awesome that was. My mom told me once that when she passes on, she’d like A Kiss to Send Us Off to play at her funeral. So I’m going to include those lyrics as a suggestion because it’s a beautiful song to send someone off to: *Here I am There you are On the wire connecting our hearts There's a string, that is tied, to a kite. There's a storm, in the sky Now the clouds become electric There you are Here I am Could I... Have a... kiss to send us off?*


I'm at work, so, I'm unable to fire up some Incubus songs to give you some content but I wanted to take the time to say I'm sorry for your loss. I think what you're doing is beautiful and I'm glad she had a brother like you. Cheers.


Sorry for your loss but happy to hear that you have this great connection with your sister and the band. Nice idea you had. Aqueous Transmission’s lyrics are really beautiful and meaningful. Thumbs up to the one who suggested them


Sorry for your loss "Remind me that we always have each other, when everything else is gone" - lyrics from Dig


What a beautiful way to celebrate her passion. She’s lucky to have someone still caring so deeply for her. May she rest sweetly, and I wish you and yours a gentle recovery from the loss. This post will be in my mind, and I’ll inevitably find myself in a week or two, listening to one of their albums on repeat as I do, and thinking, “that would have been a great line for...” For now, I’m drawing a blank. I’ll come back and help if I can. ❤️


I'm sure the right songs, lyrics and words will come to you. How wonderful of you to honor her by including something she loved so much. I'm very sorry for your loss and I wish you well.


When she woke in the morning She knew that her life had passed her by And she called out a warning Don't ever let life pass you by I’m so very sorry for your loss. I think it’s wonderful that the two of you shared incubus as a way to bond. I hope you find comfort in their music moving forward.


<3 hugs.


So sorry for your loss!Incubus has many beautiful songs that I'm sure would fit as many have suggested, but play whatever you feel is appropriate.


My condolences... Without knowing any of you personally I’m sure she would have loved the idea. Personally, I think the lyrics have only gotten more beautiful over time. I don’t want to pick any specific sections of songs, since I don’t know what you’re after (or if I’m too late for that matter) but there might be something in these two songs: “The Original” and “Trust Fall”. Otherwise, there are a bunch of good suggestions here, I feel. Either way, I’m sending my “Internet stranger”-thoughts to you and your family.