games good books not so good

games good books not so good


It's much better to study for 30 minutes, hard and focused and then game for 1 hour VS study like shit for 4 hours and think about gaming. My trick is to mix study with gaming.


Same! I will do this with house chores/errands as well. Like, ok if I knock out the grocery store and cleaning out the fridge now then I can play games guilt free until it's time to make dinner! I am also obsessed with tv shows so the only way to get me to exercise is to have a sitcom going in the same room 🤣 whatever works. Lol


Well duh, games are literally designed to stimulate the pleasure centers of your brain while studying is taxing and frustrating since you're training your brain to retain the information. Of course games are going to be more fun.


skinner box


Your moms a SKINner box


Well, I think skinnerboxes are usually more about exploitation and manipulation. Like lootboxes or something. I wouldn't say your run of the mil game usually qualifies as a skinnerbox unless they're using manipulative tactics like that, ya know? Otherwise it's just entertainment, like movies or something.


The original Skinner box in the behaviorist experiments did not come with any kind of moral connotations like that, it was literally just a box with positive and negative reinforcements to teach/reinforce certain behaviors. Original versions of the experiment were with positive reinforcement, ie the rat presses a specific button and gets a reward, so they learn to press the button. It was a demonstration of how rudimentary learning/habit formation works. Not just bad habits, literally anything we learn to do. Video games are absolutely a Skinner box insofar as they provide positive reinforcement in the form of lights, sounds, and a sense of progress so you learn the press the buttons and play the game a certain way.


Fair enough. I suppose I was just gathering how the phrase is typically used as a colloquialism.


Lol yeah. I majored in psych and this stuff got drilled into us at pretty much every course level. Skinner boxes and cognitive dissonance are the stuff that gets popularized (usually a little bit skewed from their initial meaning but with the general gist intact).


Who would have thunk it?


When you read every single book in skyrim, but never touched a real one😬


Books are awesome what are you talking about op?


pretty sure OP is just potato. he means gaming good, studying bad. as there's no books mentioned at all


People generalize books way too much. Reading a novel isn't the same as reading a 2 inch thick economics book.


It depends on whether or not you are really in to economics.


Games good, books good. Overpriced textbooks bad


Metro 2033-2035 are the exception




Today I spent 4 hours doing an online Final Exam for College and was so exhausted that I had to sleep for a bit; Yet I can do 10 Hours+ of gaming




This is me whenever I try to study math


It's difficult man, for sure. Worth it though. Don't give up on studyin, ya'll, it's more important then you might think.


Studying a topic you're truly passionate about can be just as fun and fulfilling as playing games, at least for me. I mean, I don't think some game designers study Psychology for the hell of it. They study it to make more enjoyable and addicting games based on how the brain works.


Depends on the study topic. This is me


story of my life (:


Haha that is so me


Same for watching 1 hour walkthrough when you're stuck at a level VS a 10 minutes Data structure video on YouTube


This hits too close to home


Definitely me lmao! Fuck books


No shit? You mean to tell me that doing something fun is easier than working? ... You don't say...