Diesel in a Prius

Diesel in a Prius


In the Netherlands (and probably most of Europe) it's impossible to put diesel in a car that doesn't take it. The diesel nozzle is much bigger than the gas nozzle, it doesn't fit in the car.




Here the diesel nozzle is black and has a flap over it saying "diesel" and the diesel vehicle all have a warning label by the tank opening.


She knew it was diesel


Oh. That makes it worse


US... no, they are not always bigger. Re: I drive a diesel pickup...


Same in America


So the chick in the post is full of it.


Maybe she just put it against, I know someone that put diesel in her scooter because it was cheaper


Not in the long run.


Nope she got towed on the spot


Nah. Some stations they are small. Semi truck pumps are usually larger nozzles. But for four wheelers, the nozzles are not always larger. I drive a diesel pickup.


Somebody doing this doesn't amaze me. What does amaze me is that she seems to think this is something that nobody knows....


It must have taken a lot of effort given that the nozzles are sized differently specifically to prevent this happening.


Exactly what I was thinking


I have a diesel car. The diesel nossle is smaller, so putting petrol in a diesel car is impossible, but I'm pretty sure you could do it the other way. Edit: From a quick google putting diesel in a petrol car won't permanently damage it (not going to be cheap to fix, but no catastrophic failure), but putting petrol in a diesel engine will. Edit 2: I checked and the USA actually has no requirement for different nozzle sizes for diesel and petrol [source.](https://www.epa.gov/fuels-registration-reporting-and-compliance-help/retail-locations-will-diesel-dispenser-have) for the people saying that the diesel nozzle is bigger, that's apparently a high flow diesel pump for filling up trucks.


Depends where you are, in the US diesel has the bigger nozzle.


In Europe the nozzles are sheathed.


Y’all don’t circumcise your fuel nozzles either?


They prefer the sword with the scabbard


I heard it keeps the tips moist and sensitive.


Ruins the feeling


Isn't it great when the explanation of your clever joke gets more upvoted than the original. Just great


This is only for pumps that service large trucks and other vehicles. Diesel at the pumps for regular cars is the same size. Source: Have a diesel car, found out the hard way this is a thing.


Some are larger, some aren’t. Some are green, some aren’t. Depends on the gas station/location.


In the UK they are the same size. When I went from petrol to a diesel car, I'd keep repeating diesel diesel diesel.


Yup, putting petrol in a diesel engine will almost certainly destroy it. The reason why is because petrol's pressure combustion point is much higher than diesel's, and a diesel engine doesn't have spark plugs to ignite the liquid since diesel spontaneously combusts when it's pressured enough, which the engine is meant to make happen. The petrol just goes through the engine, since it didn't ignite, in liquid form where it gets into the exhaust system, if the engine essentially running dry hasn't already killed it. So yeah, don't put petrol in a diesel engine.


This is so many wrongs. It does not combust spontaneously when theres pressure enough, diesel combusts when injected, which is at peak compression. Petrol in the exhaust isnt the issue. Diesel is an oil, it lubricates the diesel higg pressure pump. Petrol doesnt lubricate. That means dieselpump is now metal to metal, creating metal shavings whilst ruining itself, and at the same time pumping those metal shaving into the injectors, destroying them too. Some cars are built better. Never seen a toyota diesel break from petrol, no matter the mixing ratio. Just drained, refilled and started. However, i've seen a few petrol cars melt their catalysts after running a diesel mix. The diesel mix doesnt fully combust and will eventually coat the exhaust inside. It will die at some point depending on the mixing ratio, but often runs until turned off, and then wont restart because of lack of heat in combustion chambers. When restarted on proper gas again and cat reaches operating temp, it lights the diesel lining in itself and melts because it gets more than red hot


I worked at a gas station years ago and one day this guy came into the store FURIOUS claiming that our gas ruined the engine of his car which was now broken down a couple miles down the road. I thought it very unlikely, because we’d seen hundreds of cars that day and no one else was reporting anything similar, so I asked him for more details. Turns out he wasn’t even the one driving the car, let alone the one pumping gas. Turns out his newly licensed daughter brought the car down to the station and filled it up with diesel because she thought the green pump indicated more eco-friendly fuel. Knowing that the pumps are designed to not fit into cars that don’t take diesel, I asked her how she even managed to pump the gas into the car. She explained that she thought it wasn’t fitting because the car was from Japan, so she literally held the nozzle up to the intake and let it drip in. Needless to say, dad was not happy.


Right? I was on my way to work for an early shift one morning at about 5am / basically half asleep and stopped at a different gas station than usual (down the street instead of next door) and grabbed the wrong handle. If it had fit, I wouldn't have even given it a second thought to push the matching color button and just.... ruined my car. When it jammed instead of fitting into the tank I snapped to attention, went inside, and chugged a few cups of coffee before heading on to work.


You have too much faith in humanity


Any time that I think "surely there's nobody stupid enough to do that" I just get proven wrong


Never forget that we live in a society with people who took Chloroquine but refuse to be vaccinated... if you remember that, you’ll never be surprised. You *will* have fucking depression though.


And wouldn't wear a mask against a virus but will wear one because of vaccine "shedding"...


Hey covid gives you ED. I bet the vaccine rate goes up. Don't need with my erection


Had some idiot come into the dealership that I worked at that put diesel into their Honda Civic. Somehow they managed to start it and putter along until it died, over and over until it eventually didn't start anymore (who would've thought?) And they had it towed to us. Well, this may be shocking, but the little civic engine didn't like that and they did a bunch of damage. Iirc hundreds, maybe thousands to repair all of the fucked up parts. This same idiot thought we were "trying to scam her but she knows better" so she had it towed to another dealership, paid for the second tow and then was probably super angry when she was told the same thing there. I can't remember exactly what she broke. I don't think it was internal, probably destroyed the fuel system because, y'know... It's made for gas.


i can't imagine how much stress she must have been under, but honestly it's like people don't know the limitless teaching power of their smartphones and the ease of using the fucking search function.




Can totally relate - the amount of ridiculously dumb things customers do to their cars and somehow that’s “our fault” is astonishing. Dude, it’s literally printed in big bold numbers when you open your tank


what makes diesel so different it destroys regular gas engines? I'd never put it in my car but I do wonder why it works this way


It shouldn't destroy the engine, it just doesn't ignite the way gas does. Now in a gasoline engine the piston compresses the gasoline and air mixture, it then gets ignited by a spark made by a spark plug. In a diesel engine, the engine piston compresses the air and then injects diesel under very high pressure, making an explosion. No spark plug required, it only ignites because of the extreme pressures everything is under. Diesel is oily and doesn't really burn by itself, it's flammable but hard to get it ignited. Gas on the other hand is like a solvent, it evaporates easily and is very flammable, a spark or a match is usually enough to ignite the vapors and then it's uncontrollable. If diesel gets put inside a gas engine, the engine will just stop running once the gas/diesel mix stops and it's mostly diesel there. That's because as I've already wrote, diesel won't get ignited by a spark from the spark plug, it needs to be under very high pressure to autognite like in a diesel engine. So pretty much drain the fuel, clean the fuel lines, change the filter and you're going to be ok. Shouldn't do any damage to the engine. Now if you put gas in a diesel engine you're pretty much financially ruined. Diesel is oily remember? And it's under very high pressure in a diesel to be able to ignite. Gas is a solvent, very "dry" with no lubricating properties. In order to get diesel under the required pressure, there is a special fuel pump (gas engines have these high pressure pumps too now, but the pressure they create is a lot lower) that compresses the diesel before it gets to the engine cylinder. This pump is lubricated by the diesel (similar to how the engine is lubricated by oil) when it works, if the "dry" gas gets there the pump starts grinding on itself and makes metal dust/flakes destroying itself and the diesel injectors in the process (which are also lubricated by diesel, and are very, very sensitive with very small tolerances). These injectors are usually 500-800$ for one and the chances of them surviving this are close to zero. The high pressure diesel pump also costs a lot, depending on the car it can be anywhere from 500$ to thousands. TL;DR Diesel in gas engine= bad, but usually no damage. Gas in diesel engine= very, very bad and expensive.


I knew a girl that did this but it was because she didn't know that the green pump was different and thought they diesel was just another word for gas. She was 16 at the time though at least.


I did the same to a friend's car when I was 16, fortunately it was only about 1/2 a gallon. I always hear the nozzle is a different size in the U.S., but it fit perfectly.


We have created a system that keeps these people alive and using resources the world needs. A century ago, she would have died because she heard it was luckier to kiss a horseshoe on the hoof.


Use to work at a uhaul repair shop. We had diesels and gas. You’d be surprise how of this would happen. Gotta drain the tank. Change all filter. Blow out the lines change all injectors. And pray to the gods the engine wasn’t fucked.


This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard


How do people like this manage to stay alive on a day to day basis?


Yesterday at the store I work at, a grown ass person called to ask what’s the smallest sized quart we sell. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh


Well, madam its this pint sized quart


I came VERY close to saying pretty much that. Well, this is our gallon sized quart, this is our pint sized quart, etc. But you can't really be sarcastic to the customers.


No but it's so tempting some times. And you know that someone would fall for it. And then I'd feel guilty. I've done it with customers and had it backfire... *Quick backtracking noises*


You can if they are too stupid to realize it's sarcasm.


I doubt that they would recognize sarcasm.


It's okay one time I was asked if our salmon was grass fed.


I understand your question, but I wouldn't consider that living so much as existing. You should have a base level of brain activity to be considered more than composting material.


You're correct. The initial question in my head after seeing this, was "Did your parents have any children that lived?" The only way this genius can raise her IQ is by standing on a chair... And then I try not to think about the fact that people like this are allowed to vote. *heavy sigh*


This is the level of intelligence found on r/nonewnormal


God that sub makes me abandon all hope for humanity.


I used to argue with them until I got banned from r/insanepeoplefacebook


I'm always tempted, but then I remember I probably drink too much as it is.


Idiocracy IRL


I’m sorry I read a single one of those posts.


Me too. I almost got banned from r/insanepeoplefacebook for commenting over there. (Commenting = explaining their insanity and stupidity to them)


I want to see reddit come together and convince those people that they need to rub carolina reaper peppers in their eyes for some reason


I looked at the goddamn first post and decided "that's fucking it" They don't call reddit better than twitter by an inch for nothing


Wow.....just wow! Had to give it a look. That’s five minutes of my life I won’t get back!


Glad I could spread the stupid.


Holy shit. What... is... that...


What is what?




Yeah. Complete disconnect from reality. If youre part of r/insanepeoplefacebook you arent even allowed to comment in that sub. Regardless of context.


You gotta know it's a lost cause trying to talk any sense into those people. They're seriously legit deluded. Like, clinically, officially deluded. You can't explain shit to people like that and it's a waste of time to engage them. They are permanently fucked and should be avoided.


Even worse than being able to vote is that they breed.


It's like how I say some people don't know how to drive so much as they're just very narrowly avoiding accidents every time they're behind the wheel. Some people really aren't smart enough to where you can say that they're really staying alive, so much as they are just lucky enough to live in a society that provides them with everything they need to not die on a daily basis.


Not sure. Tomorrow's tweet will probably be.. "Guys DO NOT mix ammonia and bleach together in your toilet to make it cleaner..." *coughs up blood and passes out*


On that note... my mom used bleach to try to clean her floor after her dog pissed all over it for days without her cleaning it (she's a hoarder). Her room was in a basement with one window that of course was closed and she had the door closed too. She almost died.


Holy shit, I'm glad she's okay. That's terrifying.


wow took me a second to realize what had happened, lol i would've been taken out




This always bugs me. It's chloramine gas. Mustard gas is yellow, hence the name. Chloramine has no color. However the effect it has on people is very similar


Don’t say that. They’ll read ‘chloroquine gas’ and think it’s the cure for the disease they claim they believe doesn’t exist.


You literally can’t put a diesel pump into a non diesel fuel hole. They are designed to keep idiots from doing this. Sounds like BS to me but who knows


I ask myself this question every day. Ever seen the movie idiocracy? Spoilers, most of it is stuff we see on a day to day basis now in real life so if you havnt seen it yet you aren't really missing much.


Love that movie


It’s got Electrolytes...


Welcome to Costco, I love you


Don't worry it's completely made up. It's not possible to fit a diesel nozzle in a gas car.


No, it's not. But people find a way to do it anyways


Flashbacks to RAM sticks jammed in ungodly ways into incompatible slots.


I genuinely don't know. It's like they can't take thoughts one step further than plain observation. It also surprises me that there are people like this at my university. I work at an apartment complex near the university, and the other day someone called and said, "my ice maker is broken." When asked what was wrong with the ice maker, they said, "the ice is melting." Um, the ice maker is in the freezer. So basically, the ice maker isn't broken, the freezer is broken.




My valedictorian sister put the wrong fuel in one of our old family jeeps. A much liked vehicle, lots of memories. She manages to drive home before it dies. Dad worked all day trying to fix it while lamenting that the beloved car is dead. Then.......WREEHHHHHAaaaaaa. Dad yells, it's fucking alive. Never had a car fetish but that car was something else.


Those older jeep engines could be beasts. I was told by a mechanic he had a customer with a Jeep grand Cherokee 4L v6 engine come in complaining about noise. They go to inspect it, and the engine doesn't have a drop of oil in it. They put oil in and it fixes the noise. I had one and I'll be honest, the actual engine was fine. Literally every other mechanical part was bad in it. They even sold it with pneumatic door lifters which failed after a few years which I had to replace a few times. Literally had every part swapped out if the engine except the actual engine and gearbox.


Sorry for the pedantry, but those old 4L engines were actually I6 not V6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMC_straight-6_engine


Straight 6 is vastly superior to v6. 1/2 the valve train, and a fucking silly smooth idle. 👌


Probably the in-line 6 cylinders they used to have. Had a Grand Cherokee like that myself. Got rid of it when I blew the head gasket because I didn't care to fix it, but I sold it to my friend for like 200 bucks and he fixed it and it still runs great. Pretty reliable engines all in all.


from someone that doesn't know much about cars, why would diesel ruin an engine? I know it doesn't run on diesel since diesel needs more compression than gas engine provides but why would it destroy it?


Diesel won't ruin a gas engine. Or rather, it won't ruin it nearly as fast as the other way around. Gas in a diesel engine will brick it in a heartbeat, but diesel in a gas engine can be saved if caught soon enough.


I’ve always wanted to buy a retro jeep, paint it gloss yellow, strap on some massive tires and a lift kit and occasionally go to the local Walmart and tell people I offroad


In hindsight, a diesel Prius would have made incredible fuel economy. But they never made one and probably never will. Anyway, how did she not know this?


Personally, I wish all cars were diesel. Gasoline saved for small vehicles like motorcycles and ATVs, and lawnmowers. They last longer, work harder, and diesel costs less to make.


My understanding of fractional distillation of crude oil is that diesel and gasoline are produced by the same process in some ratio to each other. Meaning you can't use standard processes to make *just* diesel. But I'm open to someone who understands it better than I do telling me I'm mistaken. And there's always bio-diesel, but that has its own issues.


I do remember my dad saying you can’t have diesel without gasoline so you’re probably right.


It's about 2 to 1 gasoline to diesel and yes in order to get to diesel distillate from crude you have to pass the temperature at which gasoline would be distilled.


Fractional distillation produces a while range of fuels, from the very light to heavy stuff left over. Kerosene, gasoline, diesel, alcohols, esters, etc., etc. They all have their uses.


Diesel is awful for air pollution, and modern petrol engines can be almost or just as efficient. You're right that from a purely engineering point of view that diesel engines have some significant advantages over petrol.


Achates has made an incredibly clean 3 cylinder opposed piston Diesel engine, it even is cleaner than some gasoline engines. I believe they are set to release soon, but I’m not entirely sure


lol is it anything like volkswagon's clean diesel?


Don’t forget government juice, aka DEF


The added weight is horrible for a hybrid’s mpg though compared to a gas engine. Also, one of the main perks of a hybrid is that a gas engine perfectly compliments the strengths and weaknesses of an electric motor. Whereas a diesel has more overlap making the perks semi redundant. Think of a gas hybrid [like this](https://i.imgur.com/S7d1AAi.jpg), whereas a diesel hybrid would be far more overlapped (which you don’t want).


I do know that diesel vehicles can be converted to run off of natural gas and propane. The older the vehicle the easier it is but it's doable on almost all diesels. It does burn cleaner by a lot, but I believe you lose some mileage, all of them I've seen have been dual fuel diesel/propane


Honda once made a diesel hybrid in like 1999 it looked weird and it failed


Let's be honest, they probably made it slow. As annoying as Musk is, at least Tesla realized the way to make electric cars work was to make them outperform traditional cars. The anemic hybrids we've had are great for the conscientious buyers who were always going to invest in better mileage, but bringing great performance to market means they create their own market. *Edited to add: I remember reading a story in 2006 of a guy who used off the shelf GM parts to convert his H2 Hummer into a diesel hybrid. It had all the towing capacity etc if the normal hybrid but could use diesel, or anything that would work in a diesel engine. He once used filtered used cooking oil to run it. The article made a point of saying the mechanic didn't finish high school, just loved engines and cars.


Figure it’d just make my engine louder


I mean she was actually right, it’ll definitely make it louder for about what? 15 seconds?


But how did she get the diesel in the Prius, the nozzle on diesel pumps are oversized for this reason.


I used to work at a gas station in college and one day, a gentleman came into the store and asked for help pumping his gas, he said he couldn’t figure it out. I went out to his pump and he said he doesn’t understand why the nozzle wouldn’t fit into his tank. He was driving a civic and trying to put diesel into his car. It’s a good thing those nozzles are larger with diesel or there’d be a bunch of oblivious folks dumping it into their unleaded vehicles.


To be honest. I have had the dumb shit moment when I got out of my car to fill it and just pressed the buttons and found it didn’t fit. Then I realized I was on a diesel only pump. Felt stupid and was just on autopilot; wasn’t paying attention. Not that I was intentionally trying to do it; just dumb moment.


The first time I ever filled my car up after getting my license I did this. Put the diesel into my car and hit the regular button and couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work and left when I realized because I was so embarrassed


Exactly. So this post is BS right?


I'm here for this answer.


In my country diesel pumps just have a special latch that says “WARNING: DIESEL” you have to lift to get the diesel pump out but the nozzles are the same size


Bold of your country to assume morons are willing and able to read.


In the states they universally have a green handle. You need to be asleep to get it wrong.


If she's like every post I see in r/IdiotsInCars, she just pumped it into a plastic bag first.


Wondering the same thing myself.


In most pumps, if you just push manually with your hands on the part that normally sits against your car as you pump it will release the safety and let gas be pumped even when it's not in a car. I imagine she did that and just aimed... which is extra ridiculous...


I have never come across this in any of my endeavors of filling gas cans. However there is an added challenge of capless gas tanks. Newer cars have flappers that are actuated by the nozzle.


Maybe it's just a California thing for the pumps, that's how I fill 5 gallon gas containers. I didn't think about the flappers on the new cars, I drive cars made before 2005 usually. I wonder if she had to like force the flapper open with a stick or something, which makes it look even better in my head. Two handed pour while holding a stick and the very edge of the nozzle lol. Must have put a lot of effort into that. Bet she thought she was being clever.


I was working in the service center at a Jeep dealership here in Cali a few years back. A dude came in with brand new Cherokee (2018 I believe) that had to be towed in, only ~250ish miles on it. Dude put diesel in it and then tried to blame us, saying we did it to his car and that it must be covered under warranty “or else.” Me and the mechanic did our best to not laugh in his face.


I may be a dick but I actually would laugh in his face. Don't come disrespecting me by slandering my name with accusations without evidence and expect me to treat you with respect when you do something stupid lol. I had a customer at a popular hobby store where I worked. Asked me to take her to the glass paint. So I did. I took her to the enameled acrylic paints. This is the type of paint that has a stronger bond for stuff like painting on glass. She refused to buy the enameled acrylic and told me that she specifically was looking for a paint that said "glass paint" on the label. The paint even had a little black pictograph of a wine glass on it to show that it can be used on glass. Not enough for her. She started yelling and asking if I wanted her to go to our leading "competitor" craft store (the two stores may as well be working together with how much money they both get from the same people and are mega giants so we don't care). She said she called and they said that they do have it. I told her "Hey that might be a good idea actually, maybe you will have better luck finding glass paint over there." In a cheery customer service voice. Then I told her to have a great day and walked away lol.


Honestly, my manager at the time was super shitty so I didn’t want to rock the boat. He was such a horrible manager, he let a customer chew me out (before he even got the full story) while they called me racist against Latinos and sexist against women, all because I told her she’d have to wait for me to help her as I was CLEARLY ON THE PHONE and had a customer directly in front of me that I was already helping. She even started to call him racist, (and this is the only example of him actually being awesome) so he started speaking in fluent Spanish to tell her his wife of 30 years is Latina. I did get some satisfaction when I looked her dead in the eyes and told her how stupid she was for accusing me, a Latino, of being racist towards another Latino and that my parents would laugh in her face because they raised me to respect everyone - except for people like her. I’m not sure how, but suddenly I had the balls to also look my manager in the eyes and told him to never waste my time like that again. The asshat didn’t even apologize to me. He was fired by the owner a few months after that. Karma bitch!


Well his first mistake was buying a Jeep. Crystler makes decent engines, just every other part of the car is bad, and sometimes so is the engine.


Why are diesel nozzles the ones oversized, considering that the gasoline in a diesel car would make worse damage than the diesel in a gasoline car?


Real rocket surgeon here.


How come she managed to get a driver license?


Because she was able to fog a mirror, which is about all that's required.




Today I overheard a grocery store clerk firmly telling a customer "Sir I cannot give you medical advice." People really be that dumb




You can't fix stupid, and it'll cost big time to fix that car. If she didn't completely destroy it.


Still better than pouring gas into bags


I accidentally put diesel in my car one time. That was an $1800 mistake. I got a mile down the road and my car fucking died


SMDH we really need better funded schools...


Sometimes I think some people found their driver’s license in a cereal bag.


How did she even manage to do that gasoline filler necks are designed to be smaller than a diesel pump so you can't accidentally do this. If it was gas into a diesel I'd understand because a diesel filler neck is large enough to fit a gas pump but not vice versa.


Look. I get maybe not knowing you can do that. But.. You have the World's information in your pocket. Just look it the fuck up first.


You can’t fit the diesel nozzle into a petroleum powered car past the anti-siphon flap. It’s a fail safe and a federal law. This person would have had to do a lot of stupid before they were able to make this happen.


Never underestimate the creativity of the profoundly stupid.


The nozzle is bigger for diesel too, so it's a real challenge to fill with the wrong fuel. I'm one of the few in the USA that drives a diesel car. It's impressive how often the gas station attendant comes out freaking out about how I'm destroying my car by putting diesel in it. I was debating getting a Prius, but I'm glad I chose the diesel (dieselgate Audi A3). More fun and I'm still getting 40mpg+.


Ummm the gas cap literally says unleaded fuel only 🧐




I can only imagine your head explosion if you were to peruse r/osha


A **Prius**. Jesus Christ. Gasoline is explosive. You run it in an engine that injects air, and then uses a little magic sparky thing (a "spark plug") to ignite it, which creates the power needed to drive the engine. Diesel doesn't work that way at all. Diesel is not explosive. You can chuck a match into a can of diesel fuel and it will sizzle out. Diesel works based around compression, no spark plugs at all. So a low compression gasoline engine won't be able to "burn" diesel, and a high compression diesel engine won't be able to ignite gasoline. Fucking apples and oranges. They do. not. mix.


Just put the petrol and Diesel on different stations, ao they don't get any ideas. Apparently it's too hard for some people.


These people get to vote. Just think about that. These kinds of idiots get to help decide who runs the country.


She's full of shit. All gas pumps in USA for gas and diesel are different sizes. You cannot put a diesel pump into a gas car. It won't fit. You can put gas in a diesel though.


I am very busy being a stereotypical female. If someone asks what kind of car I have, I say blue. And I am not this stupid.


Any advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. But this obliviousness is appalling.




How did she even get it in there? I thought diesel nozzles were bigger for that exact reason.


"Loud Prius." HA.


How does one be this stupid and not realize that?


Sounds like she learned the hard way; at least she learned.


Ah yes, pre-ignition.


It was probably her mom’s or dad’s car too


Why the fuck would you want to make your engine louder in the first place


Most cars prevent the larger diesel nozzle from fitting in the gas tank. She would have had to kludge the nozzle.


Just wait until she runs out of cleaning supplies and starts mixing household cleaners.


At least then the problem will solve itself 🤷‍♂️


I mean.. At least she learned something from her mistake


Some motherfuckers just need to be catapulted right off the edge of the flat earth


She is right it doesn't make it louder but rather quieter much quieter.


How do stupid people even survive past middle school like we really need stop protecting them


how the fuck do you run out of gas? America sure is a weird breed.


The diesel nozzle is a different size than the gasoline one. It’s bigger. How’d she do this?


Prius drivers in a nutshell


How? You can't put a diesel hose in a gas filler nozzle? I call shenanigans.


Aww, she deleted this tweet...


No one else needs to be told this. It’s just you, sunshine.


Contrary to popular belief it actually makes your car quieter


This is the person who would replace salt with sugar when its unavailable


Everyone knows diesel goes in the batteries of a Prius


Shoulda used the red stuff, it’s cherry and makes it quieter than a diesel, therefor it’ll run in smaller cars


So... what is the difference between diesel and normal gas. I don’t have a car I don’t know


Yea,no shit


My buddy’s girlfriend apparently once pulled the emergency brake in her car. It was snowing and she lost control of her car.


so this is the kind of person those warning labels are made for. ugh, reading this made my existence hurt lol.


It's one thing to be this stupid, it's another thing to be this stupid and then Tweet about it.


I feel like she's the kinda person who'd ask where all the snow goes when it melts.


When I was a kid we always went on skidoo’s in the winter. Dada alway alway said fill it up with the gas tank on the south side. What did I do...the north side which was diesel gas. Big oops lol didn’t wreck the skidoo but I definitely remember which gas tank to use.


Gas cars are designed to not be compatible with diesel pump nozzles. I don’t believe this happened.


This person is allowed to vote


Lmao. This is new level of stupid.


To be fair, people that follow someone that stupid could probably use the tip.


That’s why I use diesel - to make my car louder.


Just a few crayons short of a box this one is


Just wait til she finds out about them blinker fluids


My dad accidentally did that once. He was in the process of getting a new car, the old one he had was a diesel, the one he was waiting to get was a diesel, but the rental car he used wasn't. Ended up putting diesel in that car and realized his mistake as soon as the car started acting up. Everytime he remembers it he sighs and says "the tiny mistake that cost me 900 bucks"