Ah yes, the classic duo

Ah yes, the classic duo


Only in the games. There's so much more in the books.


Was gonna say the same. I've only read the first 2 but geralt love dandelion so much!


Book Geralt has so much exasperated affection for Dandelion. Game Geralt has exhausted, sarcastic affection, but it's there nonetheless. Book Geralt's banter with Dandelion is great, though, and Dandelion's comments are top tier.


I love both booo and game (and even show) relationships. There each different but I feel there all done well. Also I'm trying to remember what that one scene in the books was.... geralt is at a in or something? And someone is like "you your dick of a freind is here" and geralt is like "dandelion? Just who I wanted to see!" Or something? I dont remember exactly what happened but I remember being suprized cause it was early in the book and geralt was just so happy to see dandelion and I wasn't expecting it after the game and show. Plus it just showed there book dynamic so well


It could be the temple in Ellander, when Nenneke tells Geralt, that Dandelion is there. She said something similar to what you said, but I don't know if you meant this one.


Might be that, what book is that?


It is "Voice of Reason" in the Last Wish. I think it is right before the short story the Edge of the World.


Yeah that sounds right I think thats the scene I was talking about, thanks!


I feel like even in the games geralt clearly loves dandelion, he's just old and doesnt have the patience for his antics anymore. I feel like the show is the only one that really does this nonsense and its one of my many gripes with the show


Yeah, Geralt in the show is a bit too angry. Geralt in the books would use sarcasm instead of yelling.


The way I interpret there relationship in the show is that they haven't knkw eachother long enough. Like yeah its been ALOT of years but they don't meet up often. And this betrayal of geralt is slow to make freinds. I think next season, and as the seasons go on they will get closer, and there relationship will become more like the ones we know. However I also want to state that you are welcome to your own opinion and I do see your point and where your coming from


In The Last Wish at the beginning Geralt and Dandelion are laughing and having a great time when Dandelion pulls the Djinn in a bottle out of the water. In the show Geralt screams at Dandelion like he was ready to kill him. Made me nope the fuck out of that show. Fuck Netflix, all my homies love Dandelion


So just because it doesn't get a scene right it's terrible? Your loss.


Geralt would also say yes


They are not friends, they are brothers




Both? Both. Both is good.




Book relationship: best bros Game relationship: annoyed by him, but still bros and sometimes near book level Netflix: get tf away from me Dandelion


Their relationship in the books isn't that different. Geralt would never deny Dandelion was one of his best friends, but he's still annoyed by Dandelion all the time, telling him to stfu very grumpily. He'd still go to insane lengths to save him if something happened to him, as shown in The Last Wish. The show feels like they're more at the beginning of their relationship with Geralt not yet accepting having friends and keeping him at a distance, while in the books they've known eachother for years.


Yep. In the books they talk about how Geralt saved Dandelion's ass in Gulet and they've been friends since.


In the books they are homie and homies get


Homies help homies. Always.


Has to be one of the best duos ive ever read about


Doesn't Ciri consider jaskier her older brother ?


We all know they are best friends forever and may or may not share a few kisses.


I love the two


That’s the best kind of friendship


Is it just me that just can’t stand dandelion? I find him too damn annoying.


Yeah, it is just you


How many times we have to teach you this lesson, old man?


Oh my god sty meme in witcher 3. I am very happy




In the games and show, yes. In the books, not at all.


Geralt actually likes Jaskier