Medschool Abroad

Medschool Abroad


If you took any undergrad here in the Philippines, your chances of getting into a medical school in USA or Canada is < 1%. Sad reality is those developed countries prefer their own citizens to go into medical school since they will be their future physicians. Unless you’re a US citizen or have incredible connections (Dean or President of the Med School), your chances are pretty much slim. Undergrad courses taken in developing countries such as The Philippines aren’t that recognized abroad especially if you’re applying for post-grad studies there. Not sure with Taiwan though since I haven’t heard anyone trying to go through that route. But again, I gotta tell you the truth that the chances of you getting into a med school in US or Canada is probably 0.1-1%


+1 on this! Next to no chance ka makapagmedschool talaga sa abroad dahil sobrang gruelling ng process na pinagdadaanan ng pre-med nila dun. Madaming experience + extra currics kinakailanagan nila. If you plan on going to medschool abroad, dun ka na rin mag undegrad for better chances. Otherwise just finish med school here and take the usmle. Mas malaki pa chance mo makamigrate w that option but you have to study in reputable schools like ustmed, upcm or ateneo.


UST Pharmacy Alumni here. If you graduated from a program abroad (Philippines in your case), your chances of getting accepted to US medical schools are extremely low. I'm a US citizen myself and I have friends who just opted to continue their medical studies here in the Philippines. Heck, I even know full-blooded Americans from UST-FMS that studied here because medical school here is cheaper than American Med Schools. However, Master's programs are much easier to apply to since most public universities in the US accept international students as long as they meet their admissions criteria and have good TOEFL Scores. I can't speak for Canada or Taiwan though. TL;DR IF you want to practice medicine abroad, just get your MD here and migrate to your country of choice. Then research the process on how to get licensed there.


Very slim. They prefer graduates from their own country. This is on top of being a stellar applicant, you have to be well-rounded too. From extracurriculars, summa range grades, high MCAT scores, leadership background, internships, and possibly even experience in undergraduate research. You have to nail every single aspect of your application. A deficiency on one of them invites greater scrutiny of your application.