Beat your kids to prevent riots

Beat your kids to prevent riots


Kinky people have too much fun to be rioting? I think I read this right.


It's hard to go riot when you're still tied up for being such a sick and naughty puppy 🐶🐶🐶 I'm sure Benny's doctor wife has taught him that well


It's been so long I forget who gets tied up.


Don't do both or you'll gwt stuck there both for a while. Had to learn that the hard way


Or lose they key. dont... ask...


That poor woman. Never had a WAP in her life.


That’s not the reason. It is just hard to riot when your ass still hurts from getting beat so good.


No, abused people are too broken to speak out against injustice. This must be it, yes?


Shh! You're not supposed to say it out loud!


Exposure to violence as a child creates a proclivity for violence in adulthood. This has been proven literally every single time it was studied


I brought this up to these people once and they got offended that I called it "physical abuse"


I work as an addiction counselor. There has never been a psychological study that showed corporal punishment as being beneficial to childhood development.


My family only ever “spanked” me because of that damn verse in the Bible that’s like “spare the rod, spoil the child” or something. And because that’s what their parents did to them. There’s never a logical reason to hit your kids. If you need to resort to violence to coerce obedience through fear then you’ve already failed.


That just means you suck as a parent if you cant think of a better punishment than either physical abuse or breaking something. Have you tried: time outs, not letting them see their friends or play video games or something for a bit, or you know, *explaining to them why their behavior is wrong.*


A child who is hit learns to practice avoidance. They will lie, manipulate and hide but continue the behavior. A child who is say rewarded for good behavior will continue the good behavior. Eventually they do the behavior on their own without need for a reward. This is why when potty training a toddler you reward successful toilet use, instead of hitting them when they fail. Ice cream for a good report card leads to better results than being spanked for a bad report card. Every time.


And these behaviors continue into adulthood. Can attest to the fact that I prefer to hide or lie to my dad than admit when I go slightly off-plan for fear of being verbally abused or kicked out of the house.


Absolutely. I wasn’t raised this way, but my bf was. It took me years, but I understood why he keeps them at an arms length. They’re really lovely people, but he had to explain and defend me simply liking a response to a FB post that had a curse in it (we’re 30). Bf learned to live two separate lives.


Doesn’t sound like they’re “really lovely people” then.


We all have our foibles. They're products of their environments. They try really hard, but they have no understanding of the lives we lead. I was raised to respect my parents, but they explained everything to me with words and I feel I internalize/take ownership over my morality a little more than people who were beaten into submission. It's just sad. But, I'm hopeful spanking will be a thing of the past.


>hitting them when they fail I can't even imagine thinking that this is ok. As you said, they learn to practice avoidance. You're likely to wind up with your toddler shitting in the closet.


But children are hit for bad report cards, for breaking things, for not finishing meals. It doesn't improve behavior, it causes resentment, hiding and maladaptive coping skills.


Okay so I need to beat my kid really hard so that they excel in the manipulative corporate landscape?


More like your kid becomes an antisocial underachiever who blames the world for why he's not successful, hitting his wife to take his aggression out and having multiple low level run ins with the law. Corporal punishment has been heavily studied and it does not have a beneficial effect on development. Schools don't use it, jobs don't use it, and there's no reason they wouldn't if it was helpful in discipline or behavior modification.


I completely agree, just for one part. Jobs don't use it, but they would if it would help productivity? What is this, the 1800s slave trade?


Do research on the history of labor. Servant class jobs, manual labor jobs and several others have a history of using physical punishment as motivation. Physical punishment used to be meted out as punishment for crime as well. It doesn't work is my point. If Walmart or Amazon could get away with it, I'm sure they would try to have employees sign an enhanced motivation waiver, and they would see a short term increase in productivity and a long term drop in morale.


My mother tells me that when I was a kid she spanked me once and I was on could 9. Took a hit in the ass and that was it, to me it was the best. I could go right back to doing whatever, no actual consequences or correction. Next time I got in trouble I said “ok spank me” and was ready and willing just to go back to being a little shit! She had to come up with corrective and meaningful punishment because spanking was pointless! Edit: I went on to work with children and development/parenting and know more about this and why it doesn’t work. Just kind of silly how my mother found out it didn’t work.


That's actually a pretty cool story, my parents, specially my dad, used to beat my older brother constantly for being a little shit, and guess who grew up a big shit


My mom hit me. She'd then tried soap in my mouth or pepper in my mouth and made me stand for no less than 10-20 minutes in the corner. All for stupid stuff. I got in trouble and unfairly punished by being made to go to bed two hours early and even after it was acknowledged it was a wrongful punishment they held me to it because I had a fit that all my normal free time was gone. Because I had been being punished non stop all the time for two weeks and I finally had enough and threw a fit


Jesus fuck that's messed up I'm sorry you had to go through that, glad to know things got better after that




That’s terrible and I’m so sorry for your experience. There is no gain for hurting a child, ever. Period. Every single story ends with everyone losing and I’m so sorry some assholes put you through that.


> explaining to them why their behavior is wrong. **BECAUSE I SAID SO**


LMFAO I always hated that growing up. Im still like that today as an adult. I dont think I make poor choices anymore, but when someone says to do something I like to know why


My mom always made me stare at the corner and oh boy did that work. I was wishing I got spankings cause the corner was like phycological warfare.


I remember I said that to a guy on Facebook and he said that no child would behave if all you did was talk to them about their behavior. I said that I did as a kid. My parents never spanked me, or made me go without food. They just explained to me why that behavior was wrong and I listened and learned from it. He said that I was lying. He blocked my mother and I after she backed me up and added in a bunch of info from a therapist’s (her) perspective.


The Bible also says not to eat pork or cheeseburgers (animal meat with the same animal's milk) but hey let's ignore those rules.


It also says not to wear mixed cloth.


_It also says "love thy [fucking] neighbor" and that ain't stopping Christian Love from burning like napalm"_


Actually it only specifically says to not boil a calf in its mother’s milk. But the Old Testament Law had major consequences for even just one mistake, so Jewish people decided not to risk it and many of them won’t consume dairy with meat just in case. Some even have separate places to prepare meat and dairy so the two never touch (like you would with an allergy). Also the New Testament says not to worry about the food thing, God’s chosen people are all of the ones who will achieve salvation, which is not just Jewish people, and the Old Testament Law was more a representation of how God’s people would be separated from other people by their behaviors. So there’s no need for divisions like food, you can sit down at anyone’s house and break bread with them. So that’s why most Christians are okay with eating meat with dairy and why they don’t stone people and stuff. It’s not actually “ignoring those rules”. Sorry to be a know it all, but as a former Christian I see the criticism that Christians ignore the Old Testament’s rules a lot, and it’s not actually a criticism that makes sense if you know anything about Christianity.


I specifically bring it up when Christians highlight some old testament rules and ignore others. Leviticus is used to justify homophobia a lot by people that ignore the parts that would inconvenience them


Oh yeah it makes sense in that case.


Oh god fuck that verse


I was spanked to "teach me lessons". It only made me deathly afraid of making mistakes and speaking up. Because while my siblings were able to get away with direct maliciousness because victims of that were "playing the victim," the real sin was being human.


> If you need to resort to violence to coerce obedience through fear then you’ve already failed. That's it right there.


The sad thing is that this friggin' quote doesn't even endorse corporal punishment. "Rod," refers to a shepherd's rod (as in rod and staff). Know what shepherds don't do? Beat the crap out of their sheep. The rod is used to defend against predators, and to redirect animal that are going the wrong direction, either by nudging them, or if they're further away, by tossing the rod in their path to make them turn around. This quote is saying that children need guidance... not beatings.


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You are completely right. I was beat as a child, as my punishment, and I have some anger problems; I will get a completely irrational burst of anger or something incredibly insignificant could make me extremely angry. Children are people, they are able to form thoughts and understand words.


>I will get a completely irrational burst of anger or something incredibly insignificant could make me extremely angry. Damnit. That's the problem I have. I get frustrated sometimes with my daughter (She's learning to read) and I hate myself for it. I have to put down the stuff I'm helping her with sometimes and tell her I need a break, because I don't want *her* to remember her dad as a hair trigger rage monster.


Have you considered trying therapy? I don't mean to seem judgmental, I've gone for the last 3 years and its: - allowed me to change my negative impulses, - given me a shorthand toolset for approaching stress, - & resolved complications with family and others. If you're interested, one tip: the first person you schedule with may not be the right fit for you. Its not that therapy doesn't work, you should check out others because they will have different approaches and personalities.


One of my big pet peeves is when people say “my parents spanked me and I turned out fine.” I always want to say, “are you sure about that?”


"Really? You're advocating for child abuse. That's 'fine'?"


I know a couple people who had leukemia as kids. They are doing alright now.


The quickest way to make them mad is to imply that they did not, in fact, "turn out fine." and that they have some serious shit that they've built their whole identity around trying to avoid dealing with.


That’s like showing a single person who smoked all his life but didn’t get lung cancer and die to prove that smoking is completely harmless.


My mother is one of these people and my response is generally, “yes, clearly.”


i like how they always say “my parents used to beat the shit out of me, and i turned out fine.” i guess if your only aspiration was to not be in prison, sure. it’s like they can’t even see that being beaten is probably the reason that they’ve set such a low bar for themselves that being “fine” is all they aspire to.


Fine: * Often an alcoholic or drug abuser * Smoker * May throw full blown tantrums when frustrated * Enjoys killing animals, not so much the challenge of the hunt, but the part where they get to actually kill it * Gun and/or knife fetish * Obsessed with being perceived as extremely tough * Any argument they are losing they try to turn into a physical fight I know a lot of people don't turn out like that, but I've heard this line irl from several people who fit at least 6-7 of these


Hey *I* turned out alright so it can't be bad right? /s I really think the cycle of abuse is perpetuated by these kinds of people. Violence is ok so violence can be used to "solve" other problems since it worked so well for them. Or some sort of deep seeded desire to be violent themselves without admitting it. I really struggle sometimes with it myself. I yell and am extremely confrontational at times. Yeah I have other issues but you can potentially say those were brought about by the childhood abuse. I feel the same way I did as a child when I'm being threatened or perceive to be threatened in some way. Only my response is to want to give it right back and more. I refrain and have always done so from getting physical with anyone. Unless I'm defending myself from an in progress attack. But that urge I feel is stronger than that of a "normal" person. Edit: /s just in case...


A huge part of my work is helping to recognize family roles. An abused person may perpetuate the cycle of violence or may become a "people pleaser" and consistently deny their own needs due to fear of repurcussion or abandonment.


Just going to be a fly in the ointment here and say that the physical abuse of my childhood has had ONE positive benefit- I never, ever, hit my child :)


I was abused by my mom's boyfriend as a kid and vowed never to hit anyone out of anger. Respect to you


My dad made and stuck to a promise never to hit me. He would just physically punish my pets or himself instead. Now I'm emotionally incapable of caring for pets lol.


Wow, that’s almost worse than just hitting you. In a lot of ways it is worse. Emotional abuse is still abuse and I’m sorry you had to go through that. hope you’re doing okay.


I work at a YOUTH SHELTER where a SUPERVISOR posted this same meme. She is currently raising her grand children. She is also terrible with children because she can't shut up for 30 seconds, and i once witnessed her interrupt a traumatized 8 year old that was ready to open up several times to talk about her life.


I think everyone who complains about kids these days should take a look at who's raising them


I remember every time I got hit, and the anger and hate in my father's eyes. Ask me about my mental health as an adult.


Tell that to conservatives, in many parts of Latin America beating your children it's still widely accepted


Well at least it's illegal in in MOST of Latin America: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras to be specific Meanwhile in the US it's legal in all 50 states wtf


I live in Honduras, trust me beating your children is the norm here


To me, and other people like me who weren't beat as kids (especially those who grew up in communities where kid-beating is the outlier, not the norm), it's so weird that some people think good of this practice and that the correlation between this and violence isn't intuitive to them. Your kid, observing you, tries to build an image what being an adult is, learns the violence is the answer. Then they become bullies in school and/or get into random fights with strangers as adults and/or are abusive in relationships and/or beating their own kids, continuing the cycle anew.


Cute of you to assume these psychos have read any of those studies.


So being in an abusive conservative family is better than protesting public employees murdering citizens? These people are so fucking bad at making good points.


Because they never had any to begin. with


And yet people still follow him like he is a messenger from god. I don’t get it.


Not hard to see that people who like to beat their kids have an authoritarian streak, which is what best predicts an affinity for Trump.


my parents didnt beat me but boy did they emotionally manipulate me (idk why im speaking in past tense, they still do)


I just refinished Assassin’s Creed 2 and the only logical explanation is that Trump has the apple of eden.


The Orange Fuck is so unworthy to wield such a thing I'd like to imagine his face melting when he tries to use it - like at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.


If only. Truth is humans are just far dumber and crueler than we would like to believe.


Lot was a messenger from God and he fucked his daughters.


I had the belt a few times. My grandma swatted me with a wooden spoon *once* and my parents flipped out on her. Dad let a neighbor talk him into this paddle he kept on the wall to remind his kids not to be bad. My Dad cracked me with it once without talking to my mom and without even asking me if I was involved in what all the kids were getting in trouble for. (I wasn't). My mom took me home and just held me and I told her I didn't do anything. I was literally laying on my friend's bed with a book when the younger kids were throwing shit at the window and their parents were worried we were about to break the damn thing. My mom; my kind, sweet, mostly non-confrontational, amazing mom absolutely unloaded on my Dad when he came home. Then she refused to speak to him doe several days. It's the only time in my life I actually remember my mom making my Dad sleep on the couch. Never got whacked with more than a hand after that for the rest of my childhood. I still approve of protests and the rioting too


This is the kind of extended family you should never have Thanksgiving dinner with.


They also seem to value property over other human life so this is just par for the course


They also view any person who stops their abuse as evil because it strips away their freedom from consequences.






So what you're saying is




Also there’s no riots near me so kinda hard to riot when there isn’t any.




Child abuse is already illegal. It's illegal to beat a child regardless of whether it's barehanded or with an object.


Parents in the US get a pass for straight murdering their kids in the name of discipline. They’re allowed to send them to abuse camps. American kids basically have no legal protections.


Yup. Parents beat me so hard once I had to call the cops to get them off me, I had a bloody nose and chunks of my hair ripped out. The cops said that they could beat me to an inch of my life and it would be legal because they were disciplining me. As soon as they laid a finger on me once I turned 17 (legal adult in Texas) I called the cops again and they gave me the option of hauling my dad away in cuffs and pressing charges. He never laid a finger of me again.


What the fuck? Pretty sure that’s child abuse, even in Texas. Unless this was the 1970’s or before. Im from Texas, where people spank children, but bloody noses and ripped out hair would get the parents murdered if anyone found out about it.


It was ~2002 in a suburb of a major city. I mean...I agree with you, and I thought the cops would too


That shit was definitely illegal. The cops just happened to approve.


That's fucked. Pretty sure you could've gotten a lawyer or contacted CPS and they would have destroyed your parents.




And the definition of "spanking" is vague anyways. The word makes people think of kids being bent over the knee and lightly hit on the bottom, but truthfully parents can straight up punch kids or break shit over their heads and it's legal.


If you had your ass beat by one of these, you where the victim of child abuse.


I got my ass beat by all of those, except maybe the shoe. Guess I win? :/


Congratulation you are now way more likely to have PTSD and long lasting consequences on your life that will make it extremely difficult if not quasi-impossible to become a well-adjusted adult. Hope you're happy with your prize because it's non-refundable.


I want to speak to the CEO of Life^TM


Get in line pal. We're all waiting.


It’s a good excuse for why I’m 35, single and protesting. I do like when my mother asks me how I strayed so far from the path.




Or you are just kinky. But yes.


Lol, I’m Puerto Rican, I’ve been beaten with every one of those and then some and I’m still out here protesting for equal justice under the law for all.




As someone who was beaten by these I can assure you it causes an absurd fear of authority and major trust issues. I'd be shocked if most of the protesters, and the brutal police, weren't hit as kids. Also if anyone suggest to me to me I should hit my kid I'm telling them to go pick a switch from a tree.


The intention is to instill that fear of authority and have you not question the status quo.


No jumper cables?


It's an old meme, sir, but it checks out.


It’s a meme?! Omg this is literally something my mom (fuck that bitch) would do! That shit hurts!


There was a novelty account on reddit a while ago that would always chime in with a story seemingly relevant to the topic at hand... but would inevitably end in his dad beating him with jumper cables.


ahah tragic comedy. comedic tragedy. that’s what we like to see. EDIT: sauce please?


[Here ya go.](https://www.reddit.com/user/rogersimon10/)


May the force be with you


Beating children to own the libs


They need to justify the 40% of law enforcement families that are violently assaulted by their pig fathers.


oh honey they're the reason we're rioting. stop normalizing abuse Edit: protesting*




"Mom, I want to go protest" "Oh I'll give you something to protest about, git over here!" Uh lol? I guess... So anyway, this country has racial problems and cops can munder people and not face any consequences at all.


tfw i got beat by all of these and i’m still out here. beating your children does nothing.


Except make them hate their parents.


*nothing productive.


Idk hating my mom is pretty productive. It inspired me to immigrate to a completely different continent just to be sure I won't accidentally see her in the street.


No, instead you're out plowing your car into protestors.


Actually im out rioting more than just protesting *because* i was hit as a kid and violence is the only language i can trust or understand


100%. I was raised in a super strict, abusive, conservative, Mormon household. I watched my parents hypocrisy unfold for 20 years at home. The disconnect between their religion versus their actions and voting record were truly mind melting. You better believe I’m out there protesting harder because I lived with the opposition for my whole life.


This... hits very close to home. I know the whole 'I'm in this picture and I don't like it' thing is kind of a joke, but memes aside this is a very uncomfortably relatable sentiment.


I think the police would be rioting regardless of the abuse they experienced as kids


Wow, I collected em all


My parents favored the spoon or hand, but they sometimes shook it up. Never did get the shoe or stick though.


“Rioting” more like you’re probably not out as an underage militant with an illegal firearm across state lines murdering people


“People who are physically abused are more likely to be too meek to stand up for their rights! Owned some libs by abusing my own kids!’


what’s really interesting is that being abusive (in any way, shape, or form) to your children really instills this weird thought process that stops them from wanting to communicate wants and needs. i was physically abused for a good whole 10 years (they stopped) and the fear that they instilled in me did not equate to discipline, it equated more or less to my distrust in my parents. whenever i need money, i get anxiety that they start yelling at me for needing it, even though every time i ask they just say “okay, here’s 20”. also a really weird fear is that i get anxious when i ask my parents to drive me to school because we missed the bus. when i was in elementary school, i missed the bus once and my father got mad and slapped me. now i find it extremely difficult to even ask them to get out of bed and drive me to school, even though the most they will be is slightly disgruntled. i don’t understand why my father got mad, it’s something that happens to everyone, but that instilled a very weird fear because i stand in front of their door for a good five minutes trying to quell my fears. another interesting thing that i should note is that because of the physical abuse, i find it extremely difficult to communicate with any romantic partners. i sometimes find myself nervous or unable to discuss that what they said or did made me extremely uncomfortable and i often need the words literally coaxed out of me in order for them to learn what is going on. tl;dr i have extreme trust issues because of physical abuse from ages 4-14 lol


Discipline makes no sense anyway. You're not at war with your children. Their brain isn't even fully functional yet. If you need to go out of your way to "gain control" over someone who naturally looks up to you to try to imitate you and understand how the world works through you, you must be seriously illogical and do extremely questionable things for even a child to think "maybe I'll do my own thing instead of listening to you".


**if your ancestors were beaten with a WHIP, then you probably ARE out protesting.**


i wanna reward you so bad 🏅


Parents who beat their kids should be sent to labor camps and beat with sticks.


If you've ever had you ass beat with one of these, you're probably never talking to your parents again


What is this fascination with other people’s private property and why does it matter more than human lives?


Capitalism ? Idk that's my guess, we don't really have that notion of private property that much in France. Always found it weird it makes sense for a wide part of americans that you can murder someone if you feel like your private property are threatened. "He would have stolen my jewelry so I had to kill him" would be a "WTF moment" here. Just give up your jewelry and get insurance for next time you weirdo.


Exacty. Canadian here. We have lots of that type in Canada too but my home security plan is basically “there’s a tv downstairs, I can help you carry it out. Just don’t hurt anybody.” Insurance for the rest. My life or anybody else’s isn’t less valuable than any one item in my house.


I had my ass busted w a wooden spoon on many an occasion yet I still believe black people deserve basic fucking decency and rights, Harold


I never hit my son. He's our rioting. Could not be more proud of him. If I wasn't so sick, I'd be out there with all of you. Love and respect to all who protest against this mad king and his evil God damned regime. Y'all fucking beautiful.


If you ever beat your children or other defenseless beings, Proud Boys is hiring.


I know some of the them out their have had their ass beat with this, but that’s cuz *k i n k y*


jokes on them my dad beat me with a belt when i was a kid, now im a BLM protester and leftist😎


Child child violence child violence child violence 👉😎👉👈😎👈👉😎👉


The right: Liberals are so submissive, they do whatever they're told The right (but later): If you're out protesting, you were obviously not beat into submission like us




I hate how they brag about not questioning the authority


abusing your child to own the libs


My mom broke wooden spoons on my ass and should the situation arise hell yeah I’ll get up and riot


I know plenty of kids who got hit w chanclas as kids who’ve been protesting for justice. Wtf is this supposed to even mean


I am living proof that this incorrect


I've ran across 4/7 of those several times in my early years. I'm still gonna riot when I need to.


Hmm, I'd think if you were beaten with random objects as a child, then you might be more spiteful towards the authoritative right wing.


Well, that is just not true. I imagine a lot of people had that one grandma who liked her corporal punishment. I had to pick out a switch or two.


I did get my ass beat. Not only am I rioting, but I also hate my parents. Funny how that works.


I mean they are right. Those kids are out shooting people and running them over.


A fly swatter? What the fuck is that going to do 😂


Your mom hits you with that shit you feel it. Trust me.


It actually stings quite a bit. 😬


Youre right, im not out rioting. Thing is, id be exercising my first amendment right to protest peacefully if i wasnt high risk for covid though.


Didn't you elders teach you, violence cause violence.


"I agree with violent authoritarianism" that's what this says. That's all it says.


If you are abused as a child, you grow to think authority is all knowing and always right.


Can't disipline your kids with time-outs and taking away privileges? Just fucking wail on them. Beat them until they're house paint. /s please don't actually do this.


Why do some people think that you can’t raise your kids properly without hitting them?


Because some people want to treat their children like toys to be picked up and discarded once you're done with them.


That’s a lie. I was beaten by these and got a kink fetish and am out rioting. Checkmate.


Correlation ≠ causation


Is it a coincidence that so many rightists were abused as children and are somehow proud of it?


They view violent domination over women and children as strong masculine traits.


I was beaten with kitchen utensils and all that did was put the rage in me over injustice and undue punishment for petty crimes.


It's almost as if seeing nothing wrong with children being beaten by authority figures makes you more compliant to adults being beaten by authority figures. We've had this blind obedience to authority in Germany once too.


Our wooden spoons had our names engraved on them. 2/4 of us are protesting. The other 2 have spoons for their own kids.


I never understood why people take pride in being a victim of shitty parenting. "I'm glad my mother and father used violence and fear to parent me. I am very normal.".


Hmmm, getting beat with those just makes me want to riot more. 🤷‍♂️


Can't confirm. Have been rioting.


I got the crap smacked out of me and I’ll burn this whole system to the ground if I get the opportunity.


haha, actuallyyyyyy i’ve been to multiple protest!


I was beaten with every one of these and I am definitely protesting.


"I was abused by my parents so everyone should be." - Dumb uneducated fuck midwestern conservative Is all i hear.


Funny... if you ask the people in prison for violent crimes... turns out most were spanked/beat as children. https://www.naturalchild.org/articles/research/corporal_punishment.html


Can someone explain to me why the right always encourages domestic violence?


If you ever had your ass beat with one of these Then you probably killed yourself


If only George Washington's parents beat him enough.


I got all those.


I was spanked, I will riot.


"You confuse 'peace' with 'quiet'."


Sorry are they actually promoting child abuse now?