what would you have done if you were in cassandra’s position?

what would you have done if you were in cassandra’s position?


Call the police.


I would’ve just taken the haircut, especially since it was already short. But like, I have respect for Cassandra for walking away.


I personally would have cut it, but I understand why Cassandra wouldn't do it and at least she realized she didn't want to be a model that badly and didn't take someone else's dream.


I agree with this like she obvi wasn’t that passionate so good she knows this early on, but idk why she would allow them to cut off literally all of her hair and then say no to 2 more inches


She said it wasn’t about the 2 inches of hair, it was about taking the last thing and changing who she was. And probably in her mind she was wondering if this then what next


Yea i get that but idk how she didn’t have that revelation for the big chop because she really loved her long hair. Like if she said no to the initial It would have been like okay i get It go home sweetie. But she already did the initial so i just think it’s crazy that 2 inches was the last mf straw for her😭😭


2 inches is 5.08 cm


We heard you the first time, sweaty




2 inches is 5.08 cm




Marry Stephen amell.


I would’ve said ‘I’ll let you cut it the way you wanted but in return, you better sort this yellow bleach job, deal?’


Seriously they have problems with blonde sometimes


I’d quit before getting the first haircut if I were her.


I would have just done it. Maybe if her hair was still long I'd say no but it was already short???? Lol.


I've had long hair, short hair, red hair, blue hair MEE-AH FAH-ROW hair from ROSE-MARY'S BAY-BEE wouldn't have bothered me


Leave and marry the arrow guy


Married Stephen Amell and rode his coattails


I specifically said Mia Farrow haircut from Rosemary's Baby


Cut it, it was short anyway. She would have been in the final 2 with Nicole


i would of stuck it out bc they already cut my hair


I don’t like her as a person but I understand that she was frustrated with them wanting to radically change her whole persona and style.


I couldn’t care less what they did to my hair. Although being Black I worry about what awful weave they would give me. They can cut it, color it, I don’t care. I’ll wear wigs when I get back home.


So, u/You-bring-me-joy we're gonna give you a **horse mane hair weave** that I kind of *invented*


\*procedes to make horse noises\*


I would've done it since it was already short and piss yellow blonde but I get why she wouldn't want to be there anymore.


I wouldn't quit then and there, I'd probably pull a ren and quit right at the bottom two when Tyra asks "Will you have your hair cut off", "HELL no" - she rips the photo up, keeps Sarah so she can be gone at the plastic surgery shoot, Coryn would probably go at the Secret shoot, Kyle at the Pinup/Beauty shoot, Jayla goes at the Wildboys shoot, Lisa goes on behalf of Covergirl at the phone shoot, Kim is gone at the art shoot, and Diane places 4th in the Bollywood. tl;dr - Cassandra quitting at judging would take Diane to top 4 as she deserved.


I know how she felt. Having shorter hair cut even just a bit could destroy someone confidence.


Any photoshop wizards able to show what she would have looked like with the shorter hair? I would have gone for it if I were in her shoes, but I have to say I thought Mia Farrow looked dreadful with that haircut and everyone in the movie thought she looked bad, too.


Run like a motherfucker


Since it was already short, I would have just gone ahead and let them cut it more.


I never would have cut it to begin with.


OWNED IT...honestly, that could have been one of the best makeovers in the history of the show.


At this point in my life I would let them cut it however, but at Cassandra's age I doubt I would've done the first cut.


Honestly as a girl, I’d have just let the finish it. If you don’t like it, you can literally always get extensions until your hair grows back. Y’all forget that there are people who’d really do anything to be in the competition and to get the opportunities the models got. For her to say she’d do anything but then back off before the show even started was just insulting to so many people who aspired to be models.


I don’t longer wanna be here In weepy ebony c9 voice


Well to start with, I would have never made an audition video saying I was so easy to work with and willing to do whatever was asked of me. Because clearly that was the biggest lie ever told.


I’d cut it. It’s hair, it grows back lol.


I would have let them cut my hair. As for her makeover, I think she looks better with short hair. They should have left her brunette though.


Walked away bcuz it was not the hair, the reason was that they wanted to completely change who I was.


I wouldn't have ran my mouth about how "emotionless" I was and didn't care what they did to my hair in the first place.